Civil Air Patrol Government Relations

Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol violating many regulations and laws in their quest for political influence.

By Wong Wotunda | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Update: This week we’ve received more stories and requests related to Civil Air Patrol’s embarrassments with government relations.]

[Editor’s Note: The anonymous author of this continuously developing article seeks to assemble stories regarding Civil Air Patrol’s disturbing power and influence grab through its Government Relations Program and circumvention of the Hatch Act and IRS 501c3 regulations. The author claims to be motivated by Lt Col Mark Kempton and Capt Kevin Powers, Cali Wing’s Government Relations Advisor and Assistant, respectively.]

Civil Air Patrol’s Ralph Abraham Violates CAP and 501(c)(3) Regulations

Ralph Abraham Meme

Civil Air Patrol’s Ralph Lee Abraham uses CAP’s Air Force style uniform to run for governor.

Civil Air Patrol Asset Duncan Hunter Woos White Power Audience?

Duncan Hunter and White Power Friend

Duncan Hunter woos the White Power audience?

Civil Air Patrol Pimp Loses Bid for Edmonds School Board

CAP Memes by Civil Air Patrol Members

Civil Air Patrol’s pimp, Major Mark L. Norton, loses bid for Edmonds Board of Directors

Civil Air Patrol Florida Group Commander inspires cadets to detest elected officials

Civil Air Patrol Jim Kaletta

Civil Air Patrol Lt Col Jim Kaletta dresses for success as he denigrates decorated US Marine Robert Mueller and various elected members of the US government.

Civil Air Patrol’s Tom Carper: “Good riddance” to Trump’s EPA Chief Scott Pruitt; Trump Buried Climate Report

Senator Tom Carper

Delaware Senator Tom Carper is a member of Civil Air Patrol.

“I think we can all agree: [Trump EPA chief] Scott Pruitt shouldn’t be running anything. A well-deserved, one-way ticket back to Oklahoma. In coach! I know a little about leadership, and this guy was just not a leader. And we’re better off without him. Our country’s better off without him. And, I hate to be unkind about it but, frankly, good riddance.” – Sen Tom Carper, Lt Col Civil Air Patrol

“The truth of the matter is that the Trump Administration tried to bury one of the most devastating climate reports in our nation’s history over a long holiday weekend. While Americans were celebrating with loved ones, President Trump hoped that we would miss the alarming conclusions from scientists within his own government about the ever-increasing threats of climate change.” – Sen Tom Carper, Lt Col Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol’s Andre Bauer Has Tainted Safety Record

Civil Air Patrol Memes Andre Bauer

Civil Air Patrol’s Andre Bauer includes LE and NTSB reports among his version of “fake news”.

Civil Air Patrol’s Hatchet Act on the Total Farce

Total Farce Hatchet Job

Civil Air Patrol Commanders Hatch-up USAF Total Force

Civil Air Patrol Phofficers Have Skewed World View in Support of Trump

US Military Officers favor Donald Trump

Civil Air Patrol Learn to Lead with Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

An AuxBeacon reader points out that Civil Air Patrol’s own Lead to Learn books admonish Donald Trump for his terrible leadership, atrocious manners and mean spirit.

Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard Pokes Jon Stokes

Civil Air Patrol Jon Stokes

” ??? We’re so Stokes to be a gangsta in Civil Air Patrol. ??? “

Civil Air Patrol’s Wendy Rogers Triggered & Hosed

New Civil Air Patrol cruise wear uniform Corporate polo with white pants.

New Civil Air Patrol cruise wear uniform Corporate polo with white pants.

A Corrupt Alabama Governor Endorsed Civil Air Patrol Wreaths Across America

Civil Air Patrol Governor Robert J. Bentley

Civil Air Patrol’s Robert J. Bentley using cadets of a color guard before his conviction.

CAP: Come And Pay as Caucasians Advance Political

BOG Member Boehmer

Curtis J. Boehmer Civil Air Patrol, former MIWG CAP Commander, New BOG Member, Loser 2014 Primary

New York Rep Claudia Tenney Uses CAP Cadets in Uniform

Civil Air Patrol's Claudia Tenney

CAP Members Claudia Tenney (foreground) and Barry Loudermilk (background)

CAP MNWG Legislative Squadron Member Jim Knoblach Suspends Campaign Over Allegations

Rep. Jim Knoblach (R-MN)

Civil Air Patrol’s Rep. Jim Knoblach (R-MN)

Congressman & CAP Advocate Duncan Hunter Indicted

Civil Air Patrol advocate Duncan Hunter

Civil Air Patrol advocate Duncan Hunter

CAP Advocate Congressman Chris Collins Arrested

Chris Collins

Chris Collins and the CAP Congressional Gold Medal

Using CAP and the Air Force Style Uniform to Advance Elsewhere

Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Basrawi Civil Air Patrol Turning Point USA

Wisconsin Wing Civil Air Patrol Inducts Assemblyman Joel Kitchens

Joel Kitchens Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol Major

Civil Air Patrol lobbies to induct Wisconsin State Assemblyman Joel Kitchens into Civil Air Patrol.

On Saturday July 21st 2018 Wisconsin state assemblyman Joel Kitchens traveled to Cherryland Airport for a ceremony performed by members of the Door County Composite Squadron of the Civil Airport. Under Lt. Col. David Fish, squadron commander for the Door County Composite Squadron, Joel Kitchens was inducted as a major into the Wisconsin Wing Legislative Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).
Major Kitchens joins 35 Assembly members and 19 state senators and who have received membership in Civil Air Patrol as a part of the organization’s efforts in lobbying and influence peddling.

Mark Smith & Rep. Loudermilk Disgraceful in Overt Publicity Stunt

Barry Loudermilk

Maj Gen Mark Smith, Lt Col Barry Loudermilk

Pay to Play, Stray or Stay: Richard Anderson Contributors

Civil Air Patrol Politician Rich Anderson defeated

Former VA Delegate and former Civil Air Patrol National Commander Rich Anderson

NTSB Civil Air Patrol Members Crash Airplane

N761YZ flown by Civil Air Patrol Pilots Louis Cantilena and Paul Schuda

N761YZ flown by Civil Air Patrol Pilots Louis Cantilena and Paul Schuda

CAP Determines Which Mishaps NTSB Investigates

CAP Loses Credibility in NTSB Findings on Alabama Crash

Civil Air Patrol Memes Crash and Burn

Civil Air Patrol’s Crash and Burn of N784CP

Reggie Chitwood out as county EMA director

CAP Brig Gen Reggie Chitwood

CAP Brig Gen Reggie Chitwood

Rep Mary Dye inducted into Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol Legislative Squadron

Rep Mary Dye, Major Civil Air Patrol

Maj Mary Dye inducted into Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol Legislative Squadron

Hawaii Wing Commander Jeffrey Wong Forced to Step Down

Civil Air Patrol Col Jeff Wong

Civil Air Patrol’s Jeffrey M. Wong

Yet another gag order on Civil Air Patrol members

Civil Air Patrol Col Jeff Wong

Civil Air Patrol’s Jeffrey M. Wong

Hawaii Wing Vice Commander gets fined for forgery

Eduardo Zayas

Civil Air Patrol commander Eduardo Zayas fined for forgery


Civil Air Patrol forms Mississippi Wing Legislative Squadron

Civil Air Patrol Mississippi Legislative Squadron

Along with Rep Rita Martinson, Sen Terry C. Burton is also inducted into Mississippi Wing Civil Air Patrol Legislative Squadron

Susan Pamerleau Appointed to CAP’s Board of Governors

CAP Memes: Polythene Pamerleau

Susan Pamerleau

Civil Air Patrol Pamerleau Loses Bid for Reelection

CAP Memes: Susan Pamerleau Big Hat No Office

CAP Memes: Susan Pamerleau Big Hat No Office

Civil Air Patrol Inducts Suspect Missouri Governor Matt Blunt

Civil Air Patrol's Matt Blunt, Governor Missouri

Civil Air Patrol’s Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is inducted as a CAP Major.

Civil Air Patrol Cadets with Klan Weapons Instructor