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Civil Air Patrol Crashes

By Compiler Myst | AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: Our readers are telling us that we need to better organize the chronicles of CAP Corruption, Sex, Crashes and Death.] 2019-07-07 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Passes…

Civil Air Patrol Cessna C-172R, N782CP

Civil Air Patrol Plane Breaks Strut on Hard Landing

By AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor’s Note: We received an anonymous tip regarding this aircraft accident. Thank you for your contribution.] Cessna 182T Skylane, N782CP: Incident occurred August 15, 2019 at Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP),…

After the $12M Civil Air Patrol accident at Lagrange, Richard Greenwood anointed Tow-Pilot Joel Seidband as Pilot of the Year.

Civil Air Patrol Tickles BOG Ears With a Song

By Charlie D. Credit | AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor’s Note: Over the past few weeks, following our members-only preemptive “celebration” of CAP’s appointment of Richard Greenwood to the position of Southeast Region Commander, we have…