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AuxSentinel provides reporting oversight on the corrupt leadership of Civil Air Patrol and supports those abused individuals and groups seeking restitution, open accountability and corrections to the program. The portal was created to add immediate support to others in the field and to make unique contributions. AuxSentinel is unaffiliated with Civil Air Patrol or the U.S. Air Force.

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a taxpayer supported 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is failing in its Congressional mission to serve as a “benevolent” civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Civil Air Patrol’s culture has been found to be one of widespread corruption, intimidation, reprisal and safety concerns. Until fairly recently, these problems have been suppressed from prospective members, parents, the public and Congress.

AuxBeacon News is an active news aggregation and history timeline site addressing the problems of Civil Air Patrol and, periodically, the U.S. Air Force. AuxBeacon is unaffiliated with either Civil Air Patrol or the U.S. Air Force. Its contributors are those who have suffered increased risk in the air, property damage, physical or verbal intimidation, sexual assault and whistle blower reprisal by either or both of those organizations. Current contributors there seek open accountability and corrections. They seek to reform the culture of the organization from top to bottom, returning leadership accountability to voice of the volunteer members without fear of reprisal

CAP Insights began shining the light on the leadership of Civil Air Patrol shortly after Antonio Pineda was removed as National Commander in 2007.

Fit2Fly was a Civil Air Patrol aviation accident logging blog that made its first entry on July 21, 2000. Its last entry was in January of 2012. It has been inactive since.

Kathyrn’s Report logs aviation news and aircraft accidents. Civil Air Patrol often appears within.

News of the Force is an active free Internet military e-zine available in different formats, including email and Google Groups that aggregates military news by branch of service and includes Civil Air Patrol news in its section on the US Air Force. News of the Force is not always critical of Civil Air Patrol.

Sky Graffiti Air Patrol was an active blog outlet critical of Civil Air Patrol that began in December of 2003 and made its last entry in April of 2012. In May of 2009 an entry was made by an employee at CAP National Headquarters Maxwell Air Force Base begging for help with sexual harassment and a mafia-like culture of abuse.