Why CAP Members Are Leaving!

CAP Maj Gen Carr, CAP Col Stan Skrabut, CAP Maj Gen Vazquez
CAP Maj Gen Carr, CAP Col Stan Skrabut, CAP Maj Gen Vazquez

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received this member “find” on Civil Air Patrol’s membership loss as detailed by a National Public Affairs Officer.  CAP Col Stan Skrabut has missed a few reasons why members are leaving, to include aircraft and safety violations, sexual predators, a depressing culture of reprisal and high profile suicides.]

To: AuxBeacon Editors

My squadron commander was speaking to us during a recent meeting and told us to ignore reports on Skip Munger’s News of the Force and on the AuxBeacon news-site and the others.   He stated that CAP was not losing members and we should not believe the “lies”.   While he was saying this, one of our wise-cracking mission pilots was looking at a video on his laptop in which Col Stan Skrabut and Lt Col Darin Ninness were confessing just the opposite.

Col Skrabut mentions the ego and reprisal problem, but doesn’t mention the pedophiles, aircraft accidents, and reprisal terminations of those who reported crimes, fraud and other safety problems concealed from the public.

You can find the long-winded 1 hour and 17 minute video at [redacted, see below] and at the 3 minute mark Skrabut clearly states that CAP members are leaving. These two [redacted] love to hear themselves talk, but could have saved us much time with a simple bullet list, which we have prepared for you.

Why CAP Members are Leaving:

According to these two [redacted]:

1) A large number of members leave because they feel their time and talents were not needed or valued.
• Lack of a good CAP membership orientation
• False Expectations
• Not trustworthy

2) Some members do not have enough time to commit for CAP because of work and other commitments.
• Overwhelm members with too many tasks
• Lack of meaningful positions and tasks
• Lack of good training
• No vision

3) We have some members who are poor leaders and are driving people away.
• Egotistical civilian/military dictator style leaders
• No accountability
• Unable to resolve conflicts
• Not respected or treated fairly

4) Some members joined because their child was a cadet, now the child has left the CAP.

• Lack of meaningful interests, activities and events
• Program is not rewarding
• Lack of respect and core values
• Emergency Services cliques
• Nepotism

5) Some members joined because of the promise of flying, but slowed by training and paperwork.
• Members not actively involved
• Lack of a good Level 1 orientation and good mentors
• Lack of flight opportunities
• Too much red tape

6) Over time, a member’s interest in CAP may diminish to the point he or she is no longer interested in CAP.
• Ignoring member feedback and comments
• Fear of change
• Not attending to needs of the members
• Lack of good communication with members
• Lack of transparency and the silent treatment

7) CAP wasn’t what they thought it would be.
• Told of “grand stories” and other lies when recruited
• Hire slow, fire fast
• Lack of missions
• Very political and rampant favoritism
• Unsafe environment and negative impact on the youth

8) Many members leave because they are bored due to the lack of activities and missions.
• Endless training and qualifications that are rarely or never used
• Lack of a unit plan and meeting focus
• Refusal to listen/apply member feedback
• Not utilizing members appropriating where they can benefit the unit

While much of this is true, the idea that these two believe that we should or would spend 1.3 hours of our time to watch them read this to us is also a big part of the problem. That would be in addition to the CAP pedophiles, CAP safety failures and the CAP suicides.

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