Using CAP & the Air Force Style Uniform to Advance Elsewhere

Using Air Force ABUs to advance politics and position at Turning Point USA
Using Air Force ABUs to advance politics and position at Turning Point USA

By SeaBAS | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: AuxBeacon received a follow up comment on the Civil Air Patrol / Turning Point USA contribution. Thank you and please keep sending us your ideas and findings.]

Nice job exposing current and past abuse of Civil Air Patrol’s Air Force style uniform and logo. While the Instagram find was a good start, Basrawi’s current Facebook page will soon be a showpiece in the Civil Air Patrol Hall of Shame.

Using the safe link below, you will find that Joe Basrawi’s personal Facebook page has a far more blatant presentation. He’s wearing ABUs with CAP name tapes and posed next to a helicopter in a hangar, but he’s no pilot. Joseph Basrawi hasn’t advanced in Civil Air Patrol beyond his Mitchell Award and cadet second lieutenant rank which he attained 3-4 years ago.

He’s placed the names Turning Point USA and Civil Air Patrol right together in his Intro below his Air Force style profile photo which sits atop a Reagan Bush ’84 cover photo. He is using our Civil Air Patrol uniform, which we idealists of Search and Rescue hold as sacrosanct, to push a political agenda and to advance his chapter Presidency of Turning Point USA at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

These in-your-face “I’m hot ‘cuz I’m deployed, you ain’t ‘cuz you’re not” presentations are leaving a poor impression of Civil Air Patrol in the eyes of a wider audience. It is also an insult to the thousands who have served in the Civil Air Patrol to see commanders turning a blind eye to this because they lack the courage to oppose it.

A Civil Air Patrol that cannot separate itself from publicly endorsing certain political views will become weaker each time the pendulum swings back against extremism. As a life-saving and educational organization, our Civil Air Patrol has no business involving itself in divisiveness.

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