The FAA Protects the Civil Air Patrol from Negative Exposure


By Mike | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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To: Ms. Jamie Reese of Nashville, TV News Channel 5

Ms Reese, are you aware of how wrong your report of 7/14/05 was?

Look at it, especially your statement:

“The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) found no problems when it investigated, and now, the Inspector General of Civil Air Patrol Southeast Region is taking a hard look at the complaints.”

The FAA of whom you speak was the “proverbial fox in the hen house” who doubles in his spare time as the Civil Air Patrol Tennessee Wing Inspector General, the same who in his role as FAA director endorsed the Judge’s now endorsed by Tennessee Wing, Southeast Region and National CAP HQ policy.

The Southeast Region Inspection General who was charged to “… taking a hard look at the complaints.” was suffering from a long fight against terminal cancer, was sequestered in his home for end-of-life care and subsequently succumbed to the deadly disease. Regrettably, he was in no condition to “… taking a hard look at the complaints.”

But he was sorely used by what appears to be an unfeeling, unrepentant, opportunistic leadership in attempts to deflect attention from their own failing.