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Lt Col James Shaw to start Civil Air Patrol Medal of Valor Association

Passing Loudermilk the MOVA Challenge Coin

By AuxBeacon News Aggregator While you were dumbfounded that Barry Loudermilk would accept a CAP award for “distinguished and conspicuous heroic action, at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of normal duty”…

Civil Air Patrol

Holding BOG Members Accountable

By AuxBeacon News Reader To start, please post this full listing so that encounters with them via open letters to the editor, mail, phone or on the street video interaction can be recorded to hold…

Civil Air Patrol's Cotton-head Ninny-Muggins

Cotton-headed Opposition on CAP-Talk

By Finster | AuxBeacon News Contributor Achtung Zusatzfunkfeuer! In response to a CAPTalk post from Lt Col Darin Ninness on the bungled visitation of Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to CAP NHQ, “Eclipse” offered a…

Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP has nothing up his sleeves

Concerns on Civil Air Patrol Rescreening

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: Multiple members and CAPTalk readers have asked that we circulate news regarding the plan to re-screen the CAP membership for felons whose records they have not worked to expunge….

Civil Air Patrol

Blazich Resigns as Civil Air Patrol National Historian

By Helen & Hansell | AuxBeacon News Contributors [Your readers] would be interested in this. The CAP national historian, Col Frank Blazich has announced that he is resigning. “This coming week, National Headquarters will advertise…