Air Force

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith and CAP Command CMSgt Dennis Orcutt, Jr

The Air Force is Breaking. Who is Accountable?

By John Q. Public [Editor’s Note: We received this from an AuxBeacon reader. Thank you for your contribution. The Civil Air Patrol is currently going through a similar situation like the U.S. Air Force with…

CAP Col Jayson Altieri, Bog Chair & CAP Col Richard Greenwood

USAF Terminates Air Defense Exercises with CAP

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: This story has been submitted to multiple outlets, including AuxBeacon, since before New Years. We took some time to investigate and evaluate and we find it to be a…

Deborah Lee James, CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez

Debbie James, Please Just Go Away Already

By John Q. Public In typical Debbie James style, the outgoing Secretary of the Air Force has started saying a mercilessly long-winded goodbye. With two months or so left of work to do, she’s already…