The Jayson Altieri Family

CAP BoG Chair Faces Rising Criticism

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: We received the information several days ago, but our staff has been busy traveling over the holiday season.] Attention AuxBeacon, Your effort this year in reporting CAP abuses and reprisals…

CAP Col Brian L. Bishop, Pacific Region Commander

Pawn Takes Bishop

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: This should interest those of you who have been forwarding material to us regarding leadership failings of CAP Col Brian L. Bishop. Please keep the contributions coming.] From: “Brian…

Civil Air Patrol

Snickering Spirit Mission

By AuxBeacon News Staff During the 2015 CAP National Conference in Orlando Florida, News of the Force (NOTF) ran an article presenting evidence that Col Richard Greenwood lied to Georgia Wing members regarding Col Alvin…