Readers See Civil Air Patrol Cadet as Outspoken Hero

Civil Air Patrol

By Bill R. | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: AuxBeacon received this comment on the Fourth of July along with a few other words of support for the cadet’s effort with Swivel Chair Patrol. We make no comment and leave others to draw their own conclusions. Any images that follow below are taken from The Right Atheist twitter feed. ]

Happy Fourth of July!

If creepy CAP Seniors can play Chaplain dressed up in Air Force Blues, then a true conservative American Atheist can also use Civil Air Patrol and the Air Force style uniform to speak out against and undo the damage done by misguided liberals, Christians and Jews who haven’t learned a lick of history.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Nicholas Cooper is a hero! He might soon be teaching all of Civil Air Patrol about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the reach and limits of the 1939 Hatch Act.

I started this account to protest my school and stand up for my 5th and 14th amendment rights. I wanted to speak out and let everyone know how truly corrupt the education system is, and to call for a national reform of our schools. The students want it.

Liberals call everything racist as a way to cover up that they are actually racist. Think about it, they say it to everything, almost as a way to play victim, yet still being an enemy of society. You know, it’s too hard to explain because liberals are all full of hypocrisy.

The reason I am an atheist, is all because I used to live in a city where that if you were not religious, or or against one belief. You were ridiculed, bullied, and harassed. The environment was not good, and I don’t want to associate myself with a cult like fashion.

Liberals are their own enemy. They create what they want to destroy. They go out of their way to bring back racsim, just so they can say it exists. Same with sexism and anti-semitism.

Whether you are black, white, man woman. We are all American. Don’t let them trick you.

I think liberals are just revengeful toddler minded people. They just create problems, blame it on conservatives, falsify evidence just to piss us off or hurt us. Think of it like tattle-telling, which is something pre-schoolers and kindergartners do. Unless you go to my school.

If you are black, and no longer want to be black, just say something that a liberal will find offensive and they will call you an uncultured black swine because don’t meet their race standards. So now in the eyes of the country’s ill-guided prople, you are no longer black.

Having a Liberal dad really sucks. I can’t excercise any of my rights that violate his fascist beliefs. Such as the first and second amendments. Liberals want to limit free speech and freedom.

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