Raising Personal Funds in CAP USAF Style Uniform

Deb Schmid

By AuxBeacon News Staff

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AuxBeacon Updates:

19:39PM on 25 August: In addition to use of the Air Force uniform in personal fundraising, RegRabbit noted the violations of CAPM 39-1, 3.2.3. Hair (Female)Length and Hair color, highlights.

Melton, Greenwood, Schmid, Vazquez

Barry Melton, Richard Greenwood, Deb Schmid, Joe Vazquez at Georgia Wing Conference, June 2016

05:31PM on 24 August: CAP Col Frederic Weiss weighed in through CAPTalk on CAP members using Air Force style uniforms in gofundme solicitations:

FW Salty & Seasoned Contributor
Re: Soliciting for Donations for Personal
« Reply #14 on: Today at 05:31:43 PM »

It is not permitted to use CAP fundraising as a means to make a personal profit. Appearing in uniform, as a CAP member in a “Go Fund Me” page, asking for money, can be considered in the context of CAP Fundraising. IMHO, this would be a good way to become a “former member”. There are better ways to solicit personal funds…

10:30AM on 24 August: An AuxBeacon reader contributed the following comment.

One of the more courageous members decided to inquire about this GAWG violation on CAPTalk this morning.

Soliciting for Donations for Personal
« on: Today at 08:50:11 AM »

I’m trying to find the reg that addresses this. But all I’m seeing is wearing the uniform for political purposes. Is it legal for a member to use photos of CAP members in uniform to solicit donations for personal use? What is the reg that backs this up? I would appreciate any information on this!

The reply came back that it is Forbidden under CAPR173-4, 14 (e) and CAPM39-1,

Why would Greenwood’s Georgia Wing legal officer Jeff Chiu donate to this in such a public way?

01:05AM on 23 August: An AuxBeacon reader provided the following contribution from one of three possible regulations that could apply to this CAP use of Air Force style uniforms.

Lt. Col. Deb Schmid is in direct violation of CAP Regulation 1-1, Section 3 CAP’s Ethical Standards, Para b Avoid any Conflicts of Interest. No CAP member may use corporate property, information, or their position for improper personal gain or benefit.

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