AZ CD1 Candidates Wendy Rogers and Steve Smith

Civil Air Patrol’s Wendy Rogers Irks Arizona Police

By Check Six Mate | AuxBeacon News Contributor CAPpers and AuxBeaconeers: I want to advise you all that Civil Air Patrol’s Wendy Rogers has received some choice words from Arizona Republican congressional candidate Steve Smith….

Chris Collins and the CAP Congressional Gold Medal

CAP Advocate Congressman Chris Collins Arrested

By Rhineback Dromedary | AuxBeacon News Reader [Editors Note: We have received an impressive number of comments and contact submissions on the arrest of Representative Chris Collins for insider trading. A few of them will…

Cadet Basrawi changes his FB profile and cover layout to comply with CAP regulations.

AuxBeacon Chain Achieves Stealth Results

By Anonymous | AuxBeacon News Reader [Editor’s Note: While AuxBeacon editors were away at conferences and summer vacation travel, we received multiple comments alerting us to the fact that Joe Basrawi changed his Facebook profile…

Civil Air Patrol

CrAP Uniform Violation on National Television

By Mary Wanbee | AuxBeacon News Contributor [Admin’s Note: A critical majority of the AuxBeacon editorial staff have been away at professional conferences and summer vacation travel. AuxBeacon will resume reviewing and releasing reader comments…

Cadet Basrawi Civil Air Patrol Turning Point USA

Lock Her Up: CAP Cadet and Turning Point USA

By Anonymous | AuxBeacon News Contributor [Editor: AuxBeacon received this on the 24th from a reader who finds it “disturbing” that high school students are being taught to ridicule victims of gun violence and to…