Lock Her Up: CAP Cadet and Turning Point USA

Cadet Basrawi Civil Air Patrol Turning Point USA
Cadet Basrawi Civil Air Patrol Turning Point USA

By Anonymous | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor: AuxBeacon received this on the 24th from a reader who finds it “disturbing” that high school students are being taught to ridicule victims of gun violence and to chant “Lock Her Up” in a leadership training environment. Some CAP members continue to influence others by donning a uniform and the program winks in allowing them to do it.]

Yeah, Cadet Cooper has blown the lid on the sludge of political grooming that has been going down for decades in Civil Air Patrol. Stepped up aggressively since 2009 if you’ve been around since then.

This morning, I watched from Lehigh Valley International Airport as AG Jeff Sessions joined in the drooling chant “Lock Her Up” started by jacked-up high school students attending Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit in Washington.

I am close to Lehigh Valley Composite Squadron and, just as one example, CAP c/2nd Lt Joseph D. Basrawi frequently flashes his Civil Air Patrol uniform and activity credentials together with his chapter of Turning Point USA. Look here. [link removed]

It is disturbing that CAP is once again screwing false ideas into the minds of children to get their way with congressional funding.

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