Least Favorable Option

Civil Air Patrol

By Tom Kettell | The IG Audience Newsletter, Jan 2015

SUI Process Improvements

Man-hours per SUI have dropped from an estimated 140 to less than 70 for unit staff and inspection
team combined.

Col Kettel then presented a refresher on the duties and relationship of IGs and their Commanders,
starting off with a review of IGs and where they fit within the CAP organization and the definition of
their duties:
1. Advisor – eyes and ears of the Commander (not the mouth)
2. Establish and manage an Inspection Program
3. Establish and manage a Complaint Resolution Program
4. Teaching and Training
The Commander has a duty to appoint a qualified IG who will be part of the Commander’s inner circle
and provide advice when requested.

Complaint Resolution

Col Jack Schupp (IGQ) gave a presentation on the status of CAP’s Complaint Resolution Program.
There are still some complaints that are not being resolved as fast as they should be; however, overall
the times from complaint receipt to resolution has dropped dramatically. The IGQ continues to
emphasize the value of doing a thorough Complaint Analysis in a timely manner resulting in one of the five actions:
1. Assist
2. Transfer
3. Refer
4. Dismiss
5. Investigate (least favorable option)

CAP IG Process

CAP IG Process

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