Georgia Wing & OSHA Safety Violations

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received these two photos today of tree removal operations during the Albany, GA storm relief mission in Georgia Wing. CAP Col Richard Greenwood, the Georgia Wing Commander was the Incident Commander. He had overall responsibility for the safety of his mission personnel. AuxBeacon readers were quick to advise us to look at OSHA’s Forklift regulations. Thank you for your contribution.]

The Albany Composite Squadron members in these photos are in violation of OSHA standards and CAP safety requirements. Forklift operators must be trained in the proper use of attachments because they alter the performance of the forklift. Attachments affect the truck’s performance by changing its center of gravity, visibility, and capacity.

OSHA strictly forbids lifting and holding workers on forks unless they use an approved work platform with railings. A forklift operator is required to wear a seat belt. People cannot use the tire to stand on or be near a moving forklift.


“Never use the forks of a forklift to lift employees to elevated levels. Without a proper platform or other fall protection devices they expose employees to falls. Review this safety document with your employees.”

Forklift-mounted work platforms must be enclosed with guardrails on all four-sides. The following are required:
• Top rail at 39-45 inches
• Mid rail
• Toe board
• Secure work baskets to the forklift backrest.

With all the safety classes required by Civil Air Patrol, this is still the end result. The CAP has no business with tree removal, debris clearing, chainsaw usage, forklift operation, because they are clearly NOT properly trained and safety-briefed.

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