Gen Bowling Requests CAP to Become For Profit

Phoenix rising from the ashes.Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff

Otherwise known as the infamous “Phoenix Plan” or For Profit Plan, Maj Gen Richard L. Bowling, CAP National Commander requested that CAP change direction. The U.S. Air Force denied his request.

CAP Maj Brian Stover said, “I fear our time as the USAF Aux is nearing an end. So much for sixty plus years in service to America. It appears we will become a benevolent corporation for sale to any bidder. Anyone willing to pay for us to do a job, be it a search for real estate property, surveys for cell phone towers, or following wayward husbands via aerial surveillance for private eyes is around the corner. For some it will be welcome…a chance to fly on someone else’s dime. For those of us who want to serve our country….we will be left out in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.”