Five Nellis Nevada Civil Air Patrol Cadets Sexually Victimized

Nellis AFB was quite the site for Civil Air Patrol Child Molestation
Nellis AFB was quite the site for Civil Air Patrol Child Molestation

by StokesNevPierce | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s note: To answer the question asked of us: Yes, we do want to gather all of it, no matter how old. We are working to log all of CAP’s criminal history, abuse, intimidation and concealment back through the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s and to the 1950s because it demonstrates Civil Air Patrol and Air Force attempts to deal with the problem privately have only led to an ever increasing number of predators preying upon victims. Thank you for your contribution.]

Dear AuxBeacon:

Nevada Wing’s commander CAP Colonel Deb Pierce makes me sick to my stomach. She, much like Shelly Norman, was made Wing King by Pacific Region Commander Jon L. Stokes. That was last year in November 2018. Without giving myself away, all I can do is add this sick but true Civil Air Patrol story to their ever growing public Hall of Shame. You seem to want to gather all of it, no matter how old, right?

UNITED STATES v. Staff Sergeant Stanislaus J. WIERZBA, United States Air Force June 10, 1981

Tried by general court-martial, consisting of military judge alone, the accused was convicted, pursuant to his pleas, of three acts of sodomy, two acts of taking improper and indecent liberties, and six acts of lewd and lascivious conduct in violation of Articles 125 and 134, Uniform Code of Military Justice, (UCMJ), 10 U.S.C. §§ 925,934. The victims were five boys of the Civil Air Patrol, ranging in age from 12 to 16 years. The approved sentence extends to a dishonorable discharge, confinement at hard labor for 18 years, forfeitures of $300.00 per month for two years, and reduction to airman basic.

The accused, a staff sergeant, assigned to and living on Nellis Air Force Base, was also a member of, and officer in, the Clark County, Nevada, Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

The accused’s activities with the Civil Air Patrol were not related to his assigned military duties as an “egress technician”, and his activities with the Civil Air Patrol were conducted in a “civilian” rather than a “military” capacity. However, his status as an active duty Air Force member, wearing an Air Force uniform with distinctive Civil Air Patrol lapel insignia while participating in an auxiliary Air Force organization, was viewed by the leadership of that organization and the public as setting forth a role model of Air Force personnel for CAP Cadet members to emulate.

Based upon these facts, we make the following findings, with regard to the four off-base offenses:
(a) that the accused used his status as an active duty Air Force member in a scheme to prey upon Civil Air Patrol Cadet victims;
(b) that he used his on-base housing and erotic materials contained therein, in this same scheme;
(c) that he used his Air Force status, and resultant access to base, to victimize Air Force dependents whom he picked up in his car at their on-base residences; and
(d) that, by such conduct, he violated the personal security of Air Force families residing on an air force base, and disgraced the public image of both the United States Air Force and its auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

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