Desperate CAP Promotes Paper Goats for Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received this photo set and transcript that exposes a continuing culture problem in Civil Air Patrol. It appears to have started with a comment out of Ohio Wing. At the request of those who assembled the initial research, we have used redaction to prevent any reprisal.]

PersonX: A CAP member from [redacted] found this today and recommended I tell my [family member] to be careful with [redacted]. Does anyone have info on this new CAP Major “Dr” “Bishop” Robert Ray Hill?

CAP Major Robert Ray Hill

PersonY: Yeah, sad. With all the molestation, accidents, coverups, suicides and bad press, CAP is getting desperate over the mass-exit of qualified people. CAP/NHQ leadership is now allowing unaccredited goativersity graduates to work the cadet STEM programs for Jeff Montgomery. A simple web search will show who and what these guys are.

PersonX: This is disturbing. He embarrassed the USAF by calling for the nuking of Nigeria while presenting himself in blues?


PersonZ: Careful! If you say anything or give any indication of your concern they will close ranks against you and blackmail you. They believe they outnumber you. We are learning about their tactics from underground forum chatter on the threats in Idaho Wing, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Maine Wings. People are getting angry and motivated to action.

PersonY: Look at the url on his fb page. He calls himself a “military hero”. Sigh.

PersonZ: Seriously! I would send this material directly to AuxBeacon or NOTF, WITHOUT ever communicating to your commanders. The IG system is broken and used to silence and intimidate, not correct abuse problems. Be sure to request that AuxB not reveal your identity or location to avoid the kind of psychotic retaliation that we talked about previously.

PersonY: He sometimes poses with weapons. Can you recognize this firearm?


PersonZ: There is a forum online that discusses his diploma and affiliations.

Now that we have a proper federal definition of the term “diploma mill” it is possible to identify Mr. Hill as the U.S. distributor for the “World Information Distributed University” diploma mill as well as a “professor” at the “American University of London” diploma mill and the “West Coast University” diploma mills. At various times he has claimed degrees from the “Universite Francophone Robert de Sorbon” diploma mill, the “International University of Fundamental Studies” diploma mill, and others.

I do not believe that Mr. Hill’s opinions regarding curriculum delivery deserve serious consideration.

George Gollin, Professor of Physics at University of Illinois, at 4:55 am EDT

PersonX: How did he get to CAP Major so fast?

PersonZ: I would guess skills promotion to Captain or Major based on his unaccredited doctorate degree in higher education. Apparently, a desperate Civil Air Patrol failed to investigate?

PersonA: Check out this energetic rant from Bishop Hill! “I know you are well educated. My Mommy and Daddy never paid my way to Harvard and Princeton. For an intelligent man, you are a real idiot! I plan on reporting your university’s condoning of your use of a Illinois funded domain to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office as well as to various people in the media… I have inherited a huge sum of money and will use it if necessary to put a stop to your actions…Oh and by the way, did I tell you I am a licensed private investigator as well.”

PersonY: “13 Investigates asked Hill the benefit of a degree that is not accredited or recognized in the United States. Before he could respond the call was disconnected.”

PersonX: I will send all this to AuxBeacon, their format is easier on the eyes. Should I let them see our names or censor before sending?

PersonZ: Your academic quals and authentic [redacted] grade are very impressive, so if you submit this story using your name it would boost the credibility and AuxB will take the story seriously. Be sure to tell them not to use our names or any identifying info because we are supposedly gagged under CAP regs as members. Just let the accumulated artwork speak for itself.

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