Civil Air Patrol’s Sean Dey Sentenced to Prison

Civil Air Patrol can potentially expose your children to machine guns and liquor
Civil Air Patrol can potentially expose your children to machine guns and liquor

By Justanon | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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Last night you released a reader comment stating that a retired US Marine and member of Civil Air Patrol had been arrested by the ATF for manufacturing and selling fully automatic machine guns. The comment advised that Civil Air Patrol’s Sean Dey, 40, of Torrington, CT had just been sentenced to two years in prison for his crime of manufacturing and selling these weapons. He is required to report to prison on March 29.

In support of Sean Dey, a memo submitted by his defense attorney(s) stated that Dey

“served honorably in the Marine Corps, and his four-year term of service included a deployment to Kosovo during the Kosovo War. Since that time, Mr. Dey’s service to his country has continued, including through his civic engagement with the Civil Air Patrol and most importantly through his long-term care of another military veteran, his wife,” for whom he cares each day.

The response in the judgment would have none of that.

“The fact that Mr. Dey knew the fully automatic firearms he manufactured were (1) illegal, (2) being resold by a friend, and (3) being resold to individuals whom he neither knew nor cared to know. The fact that he personally sold one machine gun to a convicted felon in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The fact that he knew the machine guns he made were being sold not in his backyard, but in Bridgeport, Connecticut, over an hour away from his own home. Such behavior failed to ‘exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior’ and to ‘do what is right, to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct, to lead by example, and to make tough decisions under stress and pressure.’”

On first read of that comment with no support, I guessed you had been fooled by one of Civil Air Patrol’s dirty little cadet cyber-trolls. However, the story is true and Dey and his wife really were members of Northwest Hills Composite Squadron, Torrington, CT.

The original comment also suggested that the Civil Air Patrol is a “gateway” organization and was dropped onto an older story about our cadets receiving firearms training from a KKK weapons instructor. I have watched members of Civil Air Patrol’s counter-drug program suggest that cannabis is a “gateway drug” while their corrupt commanders push Jack Daniels on their social media. This month’s reports about alcohol related rapes at our military service academies reveal a serious problem and not something that Civil Air Patrol members and commanders should be mocking. Here are a few images you may need at some point in time. [links redacted]

Where is the failed self-serving Heather Wilson in all of this?

In case you haven’t already done the work, Civil Air Patrol proudly announced in September 2016 that Major Jessica Dey was succeeding Major Timothy Ceritello as commander of Northwest Hills Composite Squadron. Ciretello previously took command of that squadron on November 6th 2014. According to its website, Northwest Hills Composite Squadron meets weekly on Thursdays at the Torrington Armory. Addresses for Jessica and Sean Dey have been identical.

Your quick tour through CAP social media shows the attitude of Civil Air Patrol leaders from Pacific Region to Southeast and Northeast Regions. Through decades of grooming and brainwashing our commanders have somehow regressed back to the late 1950s and early 1960s to send up a program that is once again in dire need of a Phoenix reconstruction.

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