Civil Air Patrol’s Last Tango with Ken Parris

Civil Air Patrol's Col Reverend Ken Parris chats it up in YKYICW
Civil Air Patrol's Col Reverend Ken Parris chats it up in YKYICW

By Leo Minister | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s note: This came in a few days ago through our contact form. CAP Col Parris’ behavior is unfortunate.   Only one of our authors would agree to hold Reverend Parris’ hand through the evidence here. So we look forward to that story soon. Thank you for your contribution.]

My friends and I want to call your attention to an exchange a few days ago in the facebook group You Know You’re in CAP When. We watched as CAP Col Ken Parris lashed out against your AuxBeacon website in a deranged fit of kook spew and I was thinking you might want to know about this?? He was quite the bully with a member that I respect for having the courage to expose his bias and false statements.

I and others would like someone to expertly lead Ken Parris by his nose through all the true crime, crash, discrimination, pedophile, and CAP suicide stories while all the cadets watch. San Francisco Reverend Ken Parris already comes collared, so it should be easy, no? In case your spies are not in YKYICW, I have copied some of what he said and took pictures for you.

One more thing, note that Ken Parris never gets very specific about what lies are told in your stories. For the record, I haven’t found any. Parris is the one lying here about AuxBeacon, and some of the things he does in California would be criminal acts if done in the state of CAP National Headquarters, right?

[link redacted]

[MEMBER C]: I was just wondering, CAP National had posted thru the wings about being careful and posting in a way that reflects positive on our organization. They said more detailed guidance is forthcoming… Thoughts?

Ken Parris: I’m a little dismayed at some of the combative bloviating going on regarding this post. Remember, CAP is a volunteer organization. You don’t have to be a member. And membership is a privilege, not a right. CAP doesn’t have to “push anyone around” or “get involved in the private lives of its members” (although you can make the arguement (sic) that you invited CAP into your private life by becoming a member and then posting about the private, non-profit corporation). CAP can just terminate your membership for behavior it deems unacceptable. You don’t have legal “property rights” to a volunteer job so the only appeal you have is any appeal the organization grants you. So, all the puffing up and ranting about “they can’t tell me what to do or take away my rights to free speech” may be true but CAP doesn’t have to allow you to remain a member either.

[MEMBER D]: That’s just hilarious. CAP wouldn’t exist as an organization if they did that. Just like if they tried to have cadet style height and weight standards for seniors

Ken Parris: And you base your opinion on what? 43 years in CAP and only a few are eternally disgruntled and always negative. My opinion is CAP would be healthier without the few committed to negativity at every opportunity.

[MEMBER A]: Heck, want uncensored stories just point your browser to “Aux Beacon News” — there’s plenty to read over there!!

Ken Parris: [MEMBER A], Yeah, if you want a bunch of unattributed, slanted, and mostly fake stories about CAP then read faux-news source Aux Beacon. Having been the target of a number of their bogus crap, I can attest to their lack of journalistic integrity and penchant for lying.

[MEMBER D]: I dont think satire tells the truth?

[MEMBER A]: [MEMBER D] ya those FAA/NTSB investigative reports on “pilot error” sure are satire aren’t they?!

[MEMBER A]: Ken Parris Well surely being targeted in some stories would make you biased against them — that would be expected. HOWEVER, I still think it’s worth the members
time to spend reading the articles and they can formulate their own opinions on what is written there.

Ken Parris: [MEMBER A], Biased against lies? Yeah, right. They don’t investigate crap. They simply print fantasy stories like the National Enquirer with zero accountability. Encouraging members to read bullshit accomplishes what? Nothing but a fulfillment of the agenda for disgruntled former members who want to foment discord.

[MEMBER A]: Ken Parris Surely there’s stories that are opinions but there’s others that have external sources listed (including FAA/NTSB reports) that can be easily verified. So we will have a difference of opinion on this one. Good night!

Ken Parris: [MEMBER A], The VAST majority are opinion and have ZERO sources other than “anonymous.” Those that reference FAA/NTSB usually cite a fictitious “cover up.” They
are completely unreliable.

CAP Special Operations Command: Ken Parris methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Ken Parris: [CAP Special Operations Command], Me thinks you are a pot calling a kettle black. Perhaps you should mind your own business? Or are you the anonymous “Aux Beacon?”

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