Civil Air Patrol Suicide Training

Civil Air Patrol Members anonymously reporting violations
Civil Air Patrol Members anonymously reporting violations

By AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: We received this a few days ago as a comment and the author makes several good points.]

I am reading that Civil Air Patrol will now “Develop and include annual Suicide Prevention training to all members which will increase awareness of suicide in CAP and in the local community.”

“Suicide Prevention Training” is also “Suicide Facilitation Training” if understood and unethically twisted.

I have read your articles on CAP as a Cult and on the recent CAP suicides, particularly Rex Glasgow and Tonya Boylan’s. When members of a chain-of-command driven cult like Scientology believe the defamatory gossip issued by commanders who must discredit those exposing them, the commanders are able to achieve a SHUNNING of the member who is exposing the abuse.

When we shun members in our Civil Air Patrol cult for reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse as required by the regulations, then what do we think might happen to those we shun?

The command staff are the guilty ones, but they control the ribbons and challenge coins and appointments so they can effectively nudge the naive idealists to eventually BLOW THEIR BRAINS OUT.

While Joe Knight III was noticeably absent from the 2018 Southeast Region Conference, I am astounded that Al Bedgood has survived as a useful tool to conduct unpleasant member termination hearings for those who would avoid the muck.

That Richard Greenwood has escaped to stain Congressman Barry Loudermilk and Mark Smith seems a fitting outcome, however.

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