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Feds: Donald Trump directed criminal campaign activity of Michael Cohen

By Renton Trump | AuxBeacon News Reader

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I was a member of Oregon Wing Civil Air Patrol [and] found some problems. One positive thing that I liked were the Aerospace Education Modules and the Learn to Lead Books.

Oregon Wing Civil Air Patrol
Former Oregon Wing Member finds Trump Trash in Learn To Lead Books

I remember in Learn to Lead that Civil Air Patrol exposed Donald Trump as an absolutely horrible leader with atrocious manners and a mean spirit. I just checked on this to see if they are still being distributed with those words and sure enough they are. Volume 3, Chapter 11 The Leader as Commander.

These are the exact words on page 113.

Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase from The Apprentice does not show respect for the individual who is being dismissed, nor does it acknowledge that boss and subordinate alike share some responsibility for making their relationship work.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!” represents terrible leadership, atrocious manners, and a mean spirit.

Trump Civil Air Patrol
Donald Trump: Civil Air Patrol Leadership by bad example.

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Civil Air Patrol Civil Disobedience
Civil Air Patrol’s Learn to Lead Quotes Mohandas Gandhi for Civil Disobedience