Civil Air Patrol

Shootout in Arizona Wing

By AZ Wing Member | News of the Force Yesterday morning, Barry Young, on KFYI Radio, was speaking to an individual that identifies himself as a retired United Airline Captain about the situation at United…

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol Murder: Texas Cadet Story

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff Diane Michelle Zamora is a former Civil Air Patrol cadet and a former United States Naval Academy midshipman. Her ex-fiancé, David Graham, is a former Civil Air Patrol cadet and…

Civil Air Patrol

New Orleans DA Releases Suppressed Oswald Photo

By New Orleans States-Item DA Releases ‘Suppressed’ Oswald Photo District Attorney Jim Garrison has released a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald in a Civil Air Patrol uniform, a picture he claims the federal government attempted…