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Raymond Larry Edward Kennedy

USAF Officer Sentenced for Child Porn

By AuxBeacon News Contributor Ex-Air Force Member from Kalispell Sentenced for Sexually Exploiting Children MISSOULA — A former U.S. Air Force service member who admitted using the internet to coerce minor boys into sending him…

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Britney Spears

Pilot Shortage Is Real & Getting Worse

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News [Editor’s Note: We received this story from a CAP member in the Northeast Region. Thank you for your contribution. The U.S. Air Force recently approved $2.4 million additional funds to help…

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith and CAP Command CMSgt Dennis Orcutt, Jr

The Air Force is Breaking. Who is Accountable?

By John Q. Public [Editor’s Note: We received this from an AuxBeacon reader. Thank you for your contribution. The Civil Air Patrol is currently going through a similar situation like the U.S. Air Force with…