CAP-USAF Commander Col George H. Ross III Forced Out

Paul Gloyd
Col George H. Ross III removed as CAP-USAF commander, replaced by Paul Gloyd.

By Paul Gloyd | CAP-USAF Headquarters

In an email message sent yesterday by Col Paul D. Gloyd, II, USAF, to members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)’s National Board, a copy of which was obtained exclusively by NOTF and later AuxBeacon, Col Gloyd wrote:

“It is with regret that I inform you that Col George H. Ross III is no longer with the CAP-USAF team. I will fulfill the duties of interim CAP-USAF commander until such time as another commander is appointed. Please rest assured that CAP-USAF will continue to provide you our unwavering support.”

No reason was given for the departure of the CAP-USAF commander.

Col George H. Ross III will later retire from the US Air Force in September 2012.

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