CAP Tactics: Shuffle, Slander & Shut Down

CAP Col Tom Kettell, Rocky Mountain Region Commander
CAP Col Tom Kettell, Rocky Mountain Region Commander

By AuxBeacon News Staff

CAP under-bosses are at it again with tactics they have learned from the U.S. Air Force. Whenever abuse, fraud or petty crime is exposed, CAP perpetrators are merely shuffled around into different positions. Those who followed the regulations and reported the abuse are defamed through slander and libel. Whenever a sufficient number of CAP members have been made aware of the leadership transgressions, units are starved and then shutdown.

From Florida to Colorado and all the way to Hawaii, this tactic is in full court press and is undermining recruitment efforts for the organization. CAP Col Tom Kettell, featured above was recently moved from his role as the CAP National IG to command Rocky Mountain Region. Kettell is now infamous for intimidating professionals who worked to report CAP violations around the nation. He has covered up his fair share of CAP IG complaints. It has earned him a slot to command in Vazquez’s nefarious administration.

If you have current information you would like to share regarding this continued graveyard spiral to include intimidation of members or the eradication of Civil Air Patrol units, please feel free to provide through our contact form.

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