CAP Chaplain Sattgast Rebuked for Antisemitism

Col Charlie Sattgast
Col Charlie Sattgast

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[Editor’s Note: We received a reader comment with additional news on Chaplain Sattgast.]

LOS ANGELES – Lion’s Den is proud to report an unprecedented rebuke by email from the major orthodox Jewish endorser, Pirchei Shoshanim, to Civil Air Patrol (CAP) national leaders including the CAP’s Board of Governors, regarding the continual antisemitic and antijewish attitude and actions of the CAP’s Chief of Chaplains, Ch. Col Charlie Sattgast.

Mr. Sattgast was directly addressed and called out to upper leadership for what is described as “an enormous concern that the CAP Chaplain Corps leadership is not addressing Jewish needs by specifically delaying chaplain appointments. We literally have a lineup waiting to enter the CAP chaplaincy and it is perceived that your Chief of Chaplains, Ch. Col Charlie Sattgast is stone walling our chaplain candidates who are all outstanding candidates.”

While Sattgast has refused to answer any questions addressing concerns, including mysterious chaplaincy approval panels, ignored requests for regulations to be cited, ethics concerns and overall Jewish angst. Jewish members maintain a sizable contingent in the CAP with the cadets numbering in excess of 40 and senior officers in excess of 20.

The power of the chaplain endorser to demonstrate discrimination and abuse in any organization is a responsibility of the endorser to protect their staff and the endorsee’. In the case of continual disregard of Jewish issues and to continually under represent the Jewish faith including offensive and perceived hostility towards them requires a leadership change and new direction from the national commander.

Pirchei points out an important fact that, “for instance Chaplain Sattgast is endorsed by the Foursquare Church. In the event Foursquare felt he was unfit to serve then they could revoke his endorsement and he would be out of the CAP service within 30 days.” An endorsement and appointment means leadership to serve others and serving others well.

It is expected that the CAP would appoint experienced and seasoned leaders which will uphold CAP values and serve with inclusiveness, a pluralistic compass and care for all members, including Jewish members. As of today, Chaplain Sattgast is not supporting the Jewish community in CAP and has shown no leadership to change and make right with the Jewish Nation.

As Pirchei points out that “Jewish representation in the CAP hierarchy of the chaplaincy is virtually nonexistent.” Recently, CAP Chief of Chaplains was called out for this exact issue with a perverse and offensive religious calendar that was filled with Jewish omissions and with no mention of Yom Kippur, the holiest Jewish holiday.

In lieu of contacting his senior Jewish chaplain, which has not been appointed officially as a representative of the Jewish members, the Chief of Chaplains chose to update the calendar on their own and updated it again incorrectly without the Jewish chaplains input. Pirchei says, “This would never happen in the USAF, ARMY, Navy or Marines.

They go out of their way to make sure the men and woman who seek services and a chaplain as well as kosher foods have those services without issue, let alone not having their needs met and not even our most important holidays on the CAP religious calendar.”

Pirchei Shoshanim listed numerous grievances and blatant disregard to the Jewish concerns including an affront to the Jewish nation as a whole. Pirchei ends with the demand that, “CAP leadership is being called upon to address these issues and dispel the perception of open antisemitism in your ranks.”

Reporting from Los Angeles, CA.

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