Alaska Governor Eradicates $250K State Civil Air Patrol Funding

Mike Dunleavy
Col Timothy Hahn suffers loss of funding under Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy

By Hockey Mom | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy (R) has used his line item veto to eliminate ALL $250,000 of funding for the Alaska Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Across the nation, and particularly in Alaska, Civil Air Patrol has come under scrutiny as a public menace and waste of taxpayer dollars. Late in 2015, one of their members took a Civil Air Patrol Cessna and flew it directly in to an Anchorage office building to commit suicide. Civil Air Patrol in Alaska has had little success with Search and Rescue efforts.

While I have concerns about the loss of funds to other areas in our Alaska budget, saving a quarter million dollars yearly on Civil Air Patrol seems to be a good start.

Didn’t this program start off with men flying their own personal aircraft for the missions?

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