AuxBeacon Call for Civil Air Patrol Award Nominations

Civil Air Patrol Awards

Call for Nominations for Civil Air Patrol of the Year Awards

By AuxBeacon Readers | AuxBeacon News

Several weeks ago one of AuxBeacon’s readers using the callsign Mailtruck suggested that we hold open nominations for 2018 CAPPER of the Year Awards. This was instigated by the naming of Col Robert Carton as the Maj Gen Dwight H. Wheless CAP Legal Officer of the Year. The idea has been approved and may include current and past members of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors, Congress and CAP-USAF.

Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors
Members of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors include, sitting from left, CAP Col Jayson Altieri, vice chair; retired U.S. Air Force Lt Gen Judy Fedder, chair; CAP Col Dale Newell; standing, retired Air Force Maj Gen Sandy Finan, Stacy Bechdolt, CAP Lt Col Tom Vreeland, retired Air Force Maj Gen.Teresa Marné Peterson, Robert Corsi and CAP Col Brad Lynn.

The ideal format for a nomination would be Name of Current High-profile CAP Officer for the Name of Past High-profile guilty CAP Officer CAP Duty Position of the Year Award. If you believe that the implied message behind your nomination will be obscure, you may provide a link to a source that justifies your selection.

Other formats and awards will be considered.

December 17, 2018
Col Jon L. Stokes for the Maj Gen Richard L. Bowling Civil Air Patrol Public Relations Officer of the Year Award
Justification: Vote for Trump and Bowling for NASCAR Dollars

December 14, 2018
Kristian Ward for the Lt Col Stephen Governale Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs Officer of the Year Award
Justification: Conviction

November 28, 2018
John Postl for the Dwight Wheless Civil Air Patrol Legal Officer of the Year Award
Justification: Do they cry? They join AuxBeacon.