Richard Bowling Surfaces Among CAP Cadets

Richard L. Bowling, Barry Melton, Roger Middleton, Al Van Lengen, Civil Air PatrolRichard L. Bowling, Barry Melton, Roger Middleton, Al Van Lengen, Civil Air Patrol

By Allen H. Booze | AuxBeacon News Contributor

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Bowling Burn | July 22, 2018 at 13:02
Man! I’ve not seen Civil Air Patrol on fire like that since Maj Gen Richard L. Bowling ‘s wasteful #46 crashed and burned at the 2002 Funai 250 in Richmond, Virginia. Do they trot him out much?

Allen H. Booze | July 22, 2018 at 22:51
Bowling? HAHAHAHA. Bowling is the POS who gave us the embarrassment of Tony Pineda, introduced Paul J. Albano and who wasted corporate funds on the SER Cruise Ship Conference and the NASCAR scandal. Double Billin’ Bowlin’. Bowling should have been terminated with the others but emerged nearly unscathed.

“Do they trot him out,” you ask?

Only with the cadet nubes who don’t know the corrupt history. Look at the photo. That’s Bowling with SER CC Barry Melton as well as former Booze Allen employee and FAA Operations Supervisor and Larry Julian’s [redacted] Al Van Lengen. This current photo of the good fellas alone is worth five different stories on your blog.

Al Van Lengen

Richard L. Bowling surfaces at CAP Cadet Aviation Ground School

Wait till we feed you the story on Carl Levin, Allen Peck, George Ross and Tom Harkin. You have most of this on your site, but not in the way the members will understand.

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