CAP Spaatz Association Director Murdered by His Male Lover

CAP Brig Gen Paul Bergman, USAF Gen Schwartz and Mr. Brian Campbell at the 2012 Spaatz BanquetCAP Brig Gen Paul Bergman, USAF Gen Schwartz and Mr. Brian Campbell at the 2012 Spaatz Banquet

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[Editor’s Note: We received a heads-up to this story from a Civil Air Patrol Member in a recent comment. Brian Campbell was Civil Air Patrol’s Spaatz Association Director and was married with children at the time of his extramarital affair and subsequent murder. His interest in younger male hard bodies could have members asking unwelcome questions.]

Some background info:
In 1998, Brian Campbell was a former Spaatz cadet and a CAP National employee at Maxwell AFB. He was terminated for speaking out in public in the Lori Swanson scandal. In 1999 and again in 2005, Campbell sued the Civil Air Patrol for wrongful termination and he lost both times. Later in 2012, Campbell was miraculously elected as the CAP Spaatz Association Director. He held that position until his extramarital lover murdered him in 2016. In their infinite wisdom, the Spaatz Association has awarded Civil Air Patrol cadets with the Brian Campbell Memorial Academic Scholarship.

Killer Shot Boyfriend in Midtown Condo

A dancer at a gay Atlanta club is accused of shooting his boyfriend twice in the head and killing him as he slept on a couch in the Midtown condo they shared.

Police say William Bradley Morgan, 34, then wrapped the body of [CAP Maj] Brian Campbell in two large black plastic bags, stuffed him in a closet, lit a candle and turned down the thermostat as low as it would go to help conceal the crime. Morgan then stole Campbell’s guns, bank cards, luggage and Land Rover Discovery before fleeing to Alabama.

On Thursday, police said “both men were married to women – Campbell had a wife and children who lived in Delaware; Morgan’s estranged wife was in Alabama – but the two men were in a romantic relationship for more than a year. They shared a 27th floor condo at 1010 Midtown and before that, they lived together in a past residence of Campbell”.

“The relationship, that’s a little complicated because based on some people we spoke with there was a romantic link between the two,” GBI Special Agent David Jones testified during the hearing. At the time of the killing, Jones was an Atlanta police homicide detective who investigated the case.

Campbell met Morgan at a gay Atlanta club when he worked there as a stripper and they knew each other for more than a year, Jones said. Morgan also told his estranged wife and her step-mother that he and Campbell were boyfriends and that Campbell was supporting him financially, Jones said.

Police said Morgan shot Campbell twice in the head as he napped on a couch that he sometimes slept on due to a back injury. Investigators found a large blood stain on the couch that was covered by a pillow.

“Two large trash bags were used to contain Mr. Campbell. He was clad in only his underwear. We also found another large trash bag, which turned out to be Mr. Campbell’s clothing that had been cut up,” Jones said.

Read More from Matt Hennie | Project Q Atlanta

Civil Air Patrol

From the Spaatz Association website…

Brian M. Campbell, #1219, 1973 – 2016

With a heavy heart, The Spaatz Association is saddened to announce the loss of Director Brian M. Campbell, Spaatz #1219. Brian passed away on 1 October 2016 at his apartment in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brian joined the Civil Air Patrol cadet program in 1987, earning Spaatz #1219 in August 1994. He held numerous leadership positions as both a cadet and senior member including Cadet Commander, Encampment Commander, Squadron Commander, Director of Cadet Programs, and Vice Wing Commander before heading to Civil Air Patrol’s National Headquarters as the Cadet Program Developer/Registrar. During Brian’s tenure in Civil Air Patrol, he chartered two new squadrons, led his CAP Squadron to a Unit Citation and Squadron of Merit Award, and grew the Cadet Program in the Delaware Wing by more than 50%.

In 2012, Brian was elected as a Director of The Spaatz Association. He is credited with designing the Association’s Leadership Grant program and serving as its first fundraising Director, soliciting and awarding more than $250,000 in grants to support cadet programs nationwide.

Brian is survived by his wife of 14 years, Kimberly (Gallagher) and his two children, Aidan and Ava.

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