October 2017

Maj Gen Mark Smith, CAP has nothing up his sleeves

Concerns on Civil Air Patrol Rescreening

By AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: Multiple members and CAPTalk readers have asked that we circulate news regarding the plan to re-screen the CAP membership for felons whose records they have not worked to expunge….

Inverted Civil Air Patrol Cessna TU206G

Civil Air Patrol Flying

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: “The evidence will have to be collected and presented all in one place for the Civil Air Patrol membership to fully appreciate just how horribly they have been…

Civil Air Patrol

Blazich Resigns as Civil Air Patrol National Historian

By Helen & Hansell | AuxBeacon News Contributors [Your readers] would be interested in this. The CAP national historian, Col Frank Blazich has announced that he is resigning. “This coming week, National Headquarters will advertise…

Civil Air Patrol Member Info shared against member wishes?

Civil Air Patrol Third Party Leaking

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff [Editor’s Note: CAP Talk readers have asked us to look into the circulation of membership info to CAP authorized third parties even when the “Make My Information Private” checkbox has…

Civil Air Patrol abuse continues after FBI raid of 1999

Civil Air Patrol Abuse

Aggregated by AuxBeacon News Staff This is a record of stories highlighting instances of Civil Air Patrol Abuse to include sexual abuse, fiscal abuse and abuse of authority in the US Air Force Auxiliary. CAP-USAF…

Civil Air Patrol Dues Increase

Civil Air Patrol Dues Increase

By AuxBeacon News Staff September 29, 2017 Greetings Members of the PAWG: I would like to take a moment of your time to explain to you since some members got an email from NHQ, but…