Col Henry Irizarry to Step Down Early

CAP Col Henry Irizarry, Florida Wing Commander strikes a gangsta pose at Florida Wing ConferenceCAP Col Henry Irizarry, Florida Wing Commander strikes a gangsta pose at Florida Wing Conference

By Julie DeBardelaben | CAP National Headquarters News

[Editor’s Note: He is out in 3 years, but he should step out now. His command presence for another 6 months will continue to damage Florida Wing’s reputation and morale. He should be stripped of his rank and terminated for his cover up role in the McSparron Scandal. Col Jayson Altieri and Maj Gen Joe Vazquez did nothing for several years until AuxBeacon, News of the Force and Florida Wing members pressed it.]

Col Henry Irizarry announced today that he will relinquish command of Florida Wing in April 2017. Irizarry, who has held the position of Wing Commander for three years, was recently promoted to a Vice President’s position with his employer which in turn comes with increased responsibilities. [He is already listed as Vice President at his place of employment. Six more months is a way for Altieri and Vazquez to manage the public perception.]

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Florida Wing Commander for the past three years,” said Irizarry. “The Wing is made up of talented and devoted members who support their state and nation with outstanding volunteer service each and every day. I look forward to continuing to work by their side.”

Irizarry became the Wing’s Commander in March 2014 after serving in leadership positions with Florida Wing Group 7 and the Tamiami Composite Squadron.

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