Allegations of Misconduct with Female Cadet

Civil Air Patrol

By Jeremiah Ryan | Kent County Daily Times

[Padula] is alleging that CAP Lt Col Will Stranahan, an officer in the local Civil Air Patrol, has been suspended from his duties as a result of a pending state police investigation into allegations of misconduct with a female cadet. Padula said he has letters from cadets saying as much, and his allegations were corroborated by Rob Cote, a former CAP officer who admitted he “had an axe to grind,” against the organization.

Stranahan did not return calls seeking comment on the allegations and RI Wing Director of Recruiting & Retention First Lieutenant Bob Gubala would only confirm that the Civil Air Patrol had suspended someone from its ranks due to a pending investigation.

“I am not at liberty to divulge any personally identifiable information,” Gubala said when reached for comment.

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