CAP ARCHER Developer Convicted of Child Molestation

Civil Air Patrol

By Justin Jouvenal | The Washington Post

[Editor’s Note: A Recent Contribution by a Reader. ARCHER was researched and developed under the direction of CAP’s all-volunteer Advanced Technologies Group, headed up by Col Drew Alexa, CAP, of Colorado Springs, Co and Lt Col John C. Kershenstein, CAP, of Fairfax Station, VA. ARCHER is a custom-designed system of hyper-spectral imaging hardware and software that is used by the Civil Air Patrol.]

In Oct 2012, former Fairfax County official, [Civil Air Patrol’s ARCHER Developer] and physicist for the Naval Research Laboratory was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for molesting a young girl in the 1980s.

John C. Kershenstein, 71, of Fairfax Station, was convicted of one count of aggravated sexual battery in July. He had served on the county’s Planning Commission for about 30 years and on the Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Before Kershenstein was sentenced, his victim, who is now 37, testified about the impact of the molestation, which she said occurred over a number of years.

Kershenstein was charged with molestation that occurred in 1985, when the woman was 10. At the time, she and her mother were living with Kershenstein and his wife.

“You need to accept what you are doing is wrong,” the woman said from the stand, looking directly at Kershenstein. “I wish you would do the right thing.”

The woman testified that she chose to come forward because she has a daughter who is getting older and she learned Kershenstein had a granddaughter of his own. She said she feared the girl might be molested too.

Kershenstein rose and expressed remorse.

“I take full responsibility for all that I have done,” Kershenstein said, addressing the woman. ”I apologize to you and your family.”

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