Colorado Civil Air Patrol Crashes During Mountain Search

Civil Air Patrol search plane crashed near Georgetown, CO

Civil Air Patrol search plane crashed near Georgetown, CO

By Kenosha News | August 13, 1988

An airplane conducting a search for a missing reporter crashed in the central Colorado Rockies Friday, killing one person and seriously injuring another.

N9545N, a Cessna 182R registered to Civil Air Patrol, was dispatched on a search and rescue mission in a mountainous area near Georgetown, Colorado. The pilot encountered unfavorable winds while flying in the search area. The passenger/observe said that he could feel the aircraft settling just before the aircraft struck some trees on the left side of a mountain ridge. The passenger reported that the pilot said, ‘I don’t like the feel of this’. A paramedic said the passenger also related that they had ‘hit a downdraft’.

A helicopter pilot flying in the area said that the winds were not conducive for fixed wing flts, especially in the trenches. The broken trees indicated a descent angle of 45 degrees. The distance from the first tree strike to the main wreckage was 62 ft. The aircraft came to rest on its nose. The terrain elevation was about 10600 ft MSL.

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